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    GUILTY GEAR 10th Memorial Art Book ARCADIA EXTRA Japan. GUILTY GEAR GUILTY GEAR 2 -OVERTURE- Cels Art Book Manga anime · GUILTY GEAR. Gekkan Arcadia,GUILTY GEAR 10th Memorial Book,BOOK listed at CDJapan! Get it delivered safely by SAL, EMS, FedEx and save with CDJapan Rewards!. Guilty Gear 10th Memorial Book. ギルティギア10thメモリアルブック. Guilty Gear 10th Language: Japanese, however this book is mostly artwork. Condition: Used.

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    Guilty Gear 10th Memorial Book

    Guilty Gear 10th Memorial Book - 10 years have past since this remarkable game was release and it only seems like yesterday too. This book contains a. Guilty Gear X Slash Encyclopedia Cover. Click here to Guilty Gear XX#Reload Complete Guide Cover. Guilty Gear 10th Anniversary Memorial Book Cover. Guilty Gear: 10th Memorial Book (Arcadia).

    He is one of three servants of Asuka R. Kreuz , and his right-hand man. An immortal from birth, Raven's body will completely regenerate even if it's reduced to ash. Contents [ show ] Character Design Earlier in the series, Raven's skin was originally a pale light blue, which later faded into a more natural white hue. His most defining trait is the metal spike driven through his head, which protrudes from his forehead like a horn. In his appearances prior to Guilty Gear 2: Overture, Raven wears a black body suit with a bird-shaped breastplate and long boots. His shoulders, forearms, and calves are pierced with long needles, and his forearms are loosely wrapped in bandages. His hair is long, varying between shoulder and waist length depending on the artwork. A ragged vertical scar runs across the right side of his face and across his right eye socket, which emanates a silver light, and a series of small needle piercings run parallel to the scar. In Guilty Gear 2: Overture, Raven wears an elaborate mask with an asymmetrical cross-shaped visor and a golden coin placed over his left eye. He wears a wing-shaped black mantle with a collar designed to look like feathers; when closed the mantle cloaks his entire body.

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    View Cart. Show All Bookmarks. Don't display this message again Proxy Shopping Search. Alert me about new releases by email. Though the range is short, its area is wide so it's useful for eliminating Servants.

    Because its damage is low, it's not efficient to use for dealing damage. As an aerial attack it's difficult to counter, and being able to attack unilaterally is also a strength. It can easily be used to keep air combos in check. What's more, it can be used in a group battle to take out Servants without coming under attack. It has extremely high attack power, and it can envelop multiple enemies so its destructive force is great.

    Also, after it's done it's possible to strike various poses by pushing the left stick in different directions. Pay attention to the various poses when performing the attack. They're worth seeing.

    He and Valentine share a Tribe so their soldier types tend to be the same. There are many soldiers with peculiar strengths.

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    It possesses "Black Feet" which slows down the speed of one enemy, useful in fights against Masters. Though their ability is low, they can be summoned at the start so you can have them march alongside nearby soldiers. It has a fast travel speed and is the strongest of the low-level melee soldiers. When its HP decreases its attack power goes up.

    Mille-feuille summons three of these Minions from its body when it appears. Have them stand-in as shields. Although its frequency is low, its survival capacity is high because it attacks immediately after the Cherry summons are down. It's the primary soldier within the Tribe. It's summoned from the corpses of Servants. Has high HP, and its faint attack is strong. It attacks with "Normal Shot" at long distance, and when approached uses "Proximity Attack" and jumps back.

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    Has the powerful "Blood Marionette" skill which seals the attack of one enemy when the shot penetrates their body. Although it has little physical strength, "Rex Crow" abosrbs HP, and it performs a jump attack, so its survival rate is high.

    It comes in handy as a counter measure against Range soldiers, and as a wall in group battles. After appearing behind them you can input an additional X to deliver a spin kick that can't be guarded.

    Also, if you unleash it while your opponent is in the air you will launch an exclusive aerial attack. Even though it can only be used once, it can be incorporated into strong combo attacks.

    You can use it without selecting an opponent, so it's useful under any circumstance. In the Lock direction a number of long, thin needles appear and transform. When a Servant enters the field their travel speed falls and they are cursed with a condition that prevents them from attacking.

    The effect is displayed in group battles. Although it takes time to cast, it's excellent because it's effective at any distance, and it can't be guarded.

    Karasu absorbs the Tension Guage in Master battles, and becomes a decoy in Servant battles. Overdrive Attack Startup: Do not turn on "That Man".

    Overdrive Attack Launch: Order Advance: Onward, go onward. Conquer them. Order Act freely: Freely, do it freely.

    Order Withdraw: Retreat, for now Order Wait: Here is fine, take your positions. Appeal Taunt: You don't know what pain is Appeal Respect: Sharp pain What a wonderful stimulation Status Change Positive: Weak, utter weakness.

    Status Change Negative: Don't let them take the lead Round Start: I am the dark in the rubbish. Hindrance is useless. You needed this confrontation to understand, what it is "to be defeated. I spoke of despair again. Banana Voice: You messed up! Final boss of "Guilty Gear Isuka". The union of a huge Gear and a mysterious Sorceror with the capability to control Gears, who yields control to the instincts of a female dog which had previously been preyed upon by the Gear and united with it, while he exercises its power for the sake of the Arctic people.

    The power to control Gears should belong only to Autonomous Command-Type Gears, but why the Sorceror has this power or what his goals may be, everything is unclear. In-game its large build covered both of the two lines and its techniques that couldn't be canceled, invincible periods, and the special dizzy effects it possessed, overwhelmed players. Man, I'm looking forward to progress with this.

    If you turn it into a text faq, and link it, I'd appreciate it. Someone post so i can steal.

    I updated Raven's profile with translations of his quotes. The official English lines match up for the most part, though a few are worded differently and a couple were different, so my translations don't match up exactly. Not sure if anyone but Blade would really care, though.

    Even if it's only me, I'd still like to thank you for the hard work you're putting out, especially lately. Found some more scans. May's concept art shows that she could have been a giant AX wielder instead of an anchor!. Guilty Room Search In. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3.

    Guilty Gear 10th Memorial Book

    Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted December 21, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted December 23, If it's a 10th Memorial I may consider this one. Posted March 6, Oh hell yes! Have you seen the content!? Classic GG artwork!! Posted March 7, I really like Millia's "old" outfit. Raging Tofu. I've already ordered my copy.

    Should have it in about a week.

    Posted March 8, Posted March 13, Got it. Posted March 14, Posted March 15, Posted April 22, Chapter 1: History Chapter 2: Minor correction: Keywords to Understand Axl Timeslip: Unknown Birthplace: Germany Blood Type: A Age: He himself doesn't remember Birthdate: March 28th Dislikes: