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    Lou, Will, and Nathan attend horse racing, a trip far from perfect. Nonetheless, Lou sways Will into attending a Mozart concert. Will then decides to attend Alicia's wedding and asks Lou to accompany him. At the wedding, Lou and Will enjoy offending the strait-laced guests. Lou learns from the bride's godmother that she considers Will to be Alicia's "one that got away". Will joins Lou's family for dinner on her birthday, where they learn that Lou's father had lost his job in a leveraged downloadout that happened to have been organized by a younger associate of Will.

    Shortly thereafter, Lou's father is offered the head of maintenance job at Stortfold Castle, which belongs to Will's family, and Lou realizes that Will is trying to help her secure her freedom from her family. Gradually they develop strong feelings for one another, which makes Patrick jealous and causes problems in Lou's seven-year long relationship, eventually leading to their break-up. During a luxurious trip to the island of Mauritius together, undertaken after another bout with pneumonia and with help from Nathan, Will informs Lou that he still intends to follow through with the euthanasia.

    He wants her to live a full life instead of "half a life" with him. He says their time together has been special, but he cannot bear to live in a wheelchair. He asks her to accompany him to Switzerland to be with him through his last moments.

    Heartbroken, she informs Will's parents upon arrival in London that she is quitting immediately and travels back to her home by bus. She does not speak to Will for the days that follow.

    However, at home, Lou's father convinces her to go to Will. She finds out that he has already left for Switzerland, so she decides to go to Switzerland herself to be with Will in his final moments.

    A few weeks after Will's death, sitting in his favorite cafe in Paris , Lou rereads the letter Will left for her. In it, he encourages her to seek out a specific perfume shop and ends off the letter with "Just live.