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  1. Cahills vs. Vespers. The Medusa Plot. by Gordon Korman - Free eBooks at
  2. 39 Clues : Cahills vs. Vespers [01] The Medusa Plot
  3. The 39 Clues: Cahills Vs. Vespers, Book One: The Medusa Plot
  4. The Medusa Plot

Amy felt a tiny snag of doubt, but she pushed it aside. She met Jake's could adopt a resolution 39 Clues (39 Clues, Book 5) (The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers. The 39 Clues: Cahills Vs. Vespers Book 1: The Medusa Plot, Book 1. Home · The 39 Clues: Cahills Vs. The 39 Clues Book Vespers Rising · Read more. Downloads: The 39 Clues is a series of adventure novels written by a collaboration of authors, including Rick Riordan, Gordon Korman, Peter Lerangis, Jude Watson, Patrick Carman, Linda Sue Park, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Roland Smith, and David Baldacci. The books chronicle.

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The 39 Clues The Medusa Plot Pdf

The 39 Clues Cahills Vs Vespers Book 1 The Medusa Plot The 39 Clues: Cahills vs Vespers Series (PDF) Amy and Dan Cahill plan to return to normal life . Download PDF The Medusa Plot (The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers, Book 1), PDF Download The Medusa Plot (The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers: Book 1: The Medusa Plot, PDF Download 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers : Book 1: The Medusa Plot, Download 39 Clues: Ca.

Vespers Series, 1 Pages: Sales rank: 88, Product dimensions: 5. Age Range: 9 - 12 Years Overview Are you ready to save the world? The bestselling series returns with an adventure spanning 6 explosive books, 2 secret-filled card packs, and a website that places readers right in the action. Thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill and his older sister, Amy, thought they belonged to the world's most powerful family. They thought the hunt for 39 Clues leading to the source of that power was over. They even thought they'd won. But Amy and Dan were wrong. One by one, distress calls start coming in from around the globe. Cahills are being kidnapped by a shadowy group known only as the Vespers. Now Amy and Dan have only days to fulfill a bizarre ransom request or their captured friends will start dying. Amy and Dan don't know what the Vespers want or how to stop them. Only one thing is clear.

Then jumping back to Dan and Amy waiting for the school bus.

Cahills vs. Vespers. The Medusa Plot. by Gordon Korman - Free eBooks at

Once on the bus, the bus driver tells the kids to get off as a truck in front has blocked the path. Afterwards armed men try to kidnap Dan and Amy but fail and run away when Dan covers them with oil and threatens to burn them. Then the two receive a phone that demands that they go to Florence, Italy by the next day or one of the kidnapped people will die.

The text is sent by an unknown Vesper One. He also tells Amy to address the Cahill family to prevent panic. Once in Florence, Dan and Amy receive another text telling them to steal the painting "Medusa" by Caravaggio located in the Uffizi. With the help of Hamilton Holt and Jonah Wizard, the group succeeds in stealing the painting and giving it to the Vespers.

39 Clues : Cahills vs. Vespers [01] The Medusa Plot

However the Vespers say that it is a fake, shoot Nellie though not fatal and demand that the real painting is found in 96 hours 4 days or else there will be the death of one hostage. With this in mind the group begins to go through papers in which Hamilton finds out that the Uffizi was once cleared out and the "Medusa" left the building during that time.

With this information the group deduces that the painting is likely to be with Gregor Tobin. Amy sends a text to Tobin with photos of an Egyptian statue, saying that they would like to hear Tobin's opinion on it. Tobin agrees, granting Dan and Amy access into his house. Inside they find the real "Medusa" and manage to steal it. Vespers series.

It was written by an author Gordon Korman , and was released on August 30, Contents [ show ] Plot The book begins when seven Cahills are kidnapped by the Vespers all around the globe. Soon after, Dan and Amy Cahill get picked up by the school bus, which is attacked by three Vesper agents who tried to kidnap one or both of them, but failed due to the siblings' counterattack.

At the mansion , William McIntyre tells them that Cahills all over the world have been kidnapped, and the Cahills then receive a text message from Vesper One on a secure phone he sent them, telling them to go to Florence, Italy by tomorrow morning or else one of the hostages will die. Sinead Starling , McIntyre and Ian Kabra who has arrived from London remain in the Cahill Command Center to find more information about the Vespers and the possible whereabouts of the Cahill hostages, while Dan and Amy go to Florence, where they get a message telling them to steal Caravaggio's "Medusa" located in the Uffizi Gallery.

The 39 Clues: Cahills Vs. Vespers, Book One: The Medusa Plot

Later, they meet up with Jonah Wizard and Hamilton Holt who help them steal the shield, but when they give the painting to the Vespers, it is found to be a fake and Vesper One sends them a video of Nellie getting shot in the shoulder. They manage to steal the painting from him but while escaping, they lose the chargers for the Vesper phone.

Ian then goes out to look for info on the phone and runs into Evan , who immediately recognizes it as a DeOssie phone and because of how Evan knows this, Ian thinks Evan has potential and then Ian then tells Evan about the Cahills and invites him to join the Command Center. Upon further investigation of the painting, the siblings Jonah and Hamilton have left find Latin words but with some missing letters on the back of the painting, prompting Dan to ask his friend, Atticus Rosenbloom , for help.

Atticus then tells Dan that the words are Porta Sanavivaria, a place in the Colosseum.

Amy and Dan then travel to Rome where Atticus and his half-brother, Jake , give them a tour of the place. Dan soon finds out that the snakes in Caravaggio's "Medusa" is a map of the tunnels in the Colosseum, with the spot where two snakes bite each other as the "X".

The Medusa Plot

In the tunnels, they find DaVinci's "Medusa" shield, which Caravaggio based his painting on, and the original copy of a book by Marco Polo called "Il Millione" The Million , which the Vespers were looking for. After an argument with the Rosenblooms which leads to Jake alerting the police, the siblings steal the manuscript and flee. Later, Atticus sends a message saying that Interpol is after them. After searching the whole factory, they don't find the hostages but are able to get some chargers for the DeOssie phone.

On the way out, Hamilton accidentally triggers a trap by shaking a vending machine, which blows up the entire factory. Dan and Amy finally go to give Vesper One the real painting at the drop-off, which is at a circus.

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